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10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
This will be an educational swap. Anyone can come and shop the swap. This is great for teachers retiring, switching grade levels, new teachers, or anyone who needs new materials. You entry fee will get you in and you can take as much stuff out that you can carry. You will need to provide your own bags. We will have lots of office supplies and organizational desk materials at this swap. All swap materials including poundage from the Upcycle Treasure Box is included in this entry fee. Except for the Science labware and jewelry. Any teaching materials are considered swapping materials such as games, supplemental books,posters, organizational materials, everyday classroom supplies etc. Things NOT to bring: text books, clothes or household items. If you have materials to swap it will only cost you $5.00. If you just want to shop the swap you can pay $10.00 Backpacks full of new teacher supplies will be given out every hour. You do not need to be in attendance to win a prize. Where: 2623 Telegraph on the lower level 63125 Doors open 10:00-3:00 parking is located in the back and up top.
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