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Kids grow SO fast—way faster than your budget, right? Keeping up with your kid’s needs can be frustrating because you want to give your family what they need, plus a little more. But, how do you keep up with all those expenses?! That’s why there’s Just Between Friends O’Fallon/Belleville. Twice a year, we provide a pop-up resale marketplace where local families can shop and save hundreds of dollars (and make hundreds of dollars) on everything they need to raise confident, stylish, good-looking kids! Families sell items they’ve outgrown and buy items they need at 50-90% off retail. So you can stop running around to garage sales and instead, get everything you need for the next 6 months—all in one clean, safe, organized space! And after the sale, unsold items are donated to Equipping the Called to serve local foster families. Everyone in the community wins!
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