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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
State bills and new laws to change voting rules are in the spotlight following last year's contentious election. Missouri is no exception. NCJWSTL is thrilled to welcome Missouri's (and one of the country's) foremost experts on voting rights, Denise Lieberman, to let us know what's next and what's at stake in the fight over voting rights. Denise Lieberman is a nationally recognized voting rights lawyer who has been on the front lines of voting rights debates in Missouri and around the country for the last 20 years. She serves as Director and General Counsel of the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition, a nonpartisan statewide network of voter advocates, including civil rights, labor, faith, and civic engagement groups who collaborate to advance voting rights strategy in the state. She has testified on voting rights before Congress and previously was national director of Power & Democracy for Advancement Project National Office in Washington DC, where she brought lawsuits on voter ID laws, early voting requirements, and rights restoration in states like Missouri, North Carolina, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Florida, and others. Denise is also faculty director of the Voter Access and Engagement Initiative at Washington University in St. Louis, where she is an adjunct professor of law and political science. Denise has been at the forefront of voting rights debates in her home state of Missouri and across the country, helping lead campaigns to advance voting reform in Congress and fight the spate of restrictive voting proposals in the states. Denise also serves as a consultant with Brennan Center for Justice, advising its legislative efforts in Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona, and others. In her role with the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition, Denise coordinates statewide nonpartisan Election Protection efforts in Missouri in collaboration with a broad statewide network of community partners. For more information and to RSVP please visit:
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