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POETRY AT THE POINT on May 25 will feature Aye Wollam, Kenneth L. Woods, and Steven D. Schroeder. This reading series invites local and regional poets, and established and up-and-coming poets to share their words. The event is free. Readings will be live-streamed on St. Louis Poetry Center's website and Facebook page. Visit for information on how to attend and view the live stream. Born and raised in Myanmar (Burma), Aye Wollam currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri. Scientist by training and poet by passion, Aye tells stories with data and poems. Her poems have appeared in Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, and Soliloquies Anthology. She is currently telling the stories of Myanmar’s struggle for democracy after the Myanmar military staged a coup on February 1, 2021. For her writings on Myanmar visit: Kenneth L. Woods (stage name Kenny Fresh) is a Hawai’i native, literary enthusiast, published author, entomology fan, fun-loving father and husband. He holds a BS in biology from Indiana University and an Associate degree in chemistry. His love for science and poetry actualized provides a distinctive performance-art experience. He is the author of the chapbook Equilibrium, and has performed his spoken word poetry for intimate crowds to auditoriums of over 3,000. A decade of pencil to paper, reciting poetry, challenging thought patterns and pointing people towards their purpose has developed Refresherpoint, a spoken word brand that reaches beyond cultural and societal barriers to simply provide another fresh lens to see the world and ourselves. For more information, including live performance bookings, visit: Steven D. Schroeder’s second book, The Royal Nonesuch (Spark Wheel Press), won the Devil’s Kitchen Reading Award from Southern Illinois University. He edits the online poetry journal $ – Poetry Is Currency. His poetry is available
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