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Championship Combines, in partnership withe the MidEast Qualifier (MEQ's), is proud to present the the 2020 MEQ's Elite Potential Combine (Younger Weekend): Thursday, March 12th 7 to 8:30 p. at the Americas Center Convention Complex. In full partnership with the MidEast Qualifier! Open to female players 8th grade and older, who have the desire and potential to be NCAA Division I athletes. This is a VIDEO Combine. All players/drills/skills will be filmed and recorded. The video, along with player contact info will be sent to every NCAA Division I volleyball program.   PLEASE NOTE - This is a VIDEO Combine.  Because NCAA Division I programs have a limited number of "recruiting days" on the road per NCAA rules, they are reluctant to use one of these days at a younger combine.  Combine players will be filmed and recorded - this recording (along with all player contact information) will be sent to every NCAA Division I program in the USA. The Player's name will be on a registered list, and at Combine check in, each player will be given a bib #, so college coaches can easily match player and contact information on the video - Players should wear normal volleyball practice gear (no need to wear uniforms or shirts with a number on them).   Volleyball players will be divided by position among the courts with each court having a "court coach" - The court coaches will put the players through volleyball drills within their specific positions, along with combining positions to illustrate group skill sets.   Parents are not allowed into the Combine - This allows the players to focus on demonstrating their volleyball abilities.  There will be a Recruiting Education Session for Parents while the players are engaged in the Combine!   ***Refund requests will not be accepted within 48 hours of the Combine or post Combine - Any refunds will not include fees per policy***
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