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To engage oneself in a path of healing or recovery you often find yourself spending time and energy in introspection and reflection. In this session, we will examine the task of introspection and the recovery path with a mythological perspective. We will journey to three introspective destinations - the mud, the marshes, and the caverns. The relevance of, and clinical applications related to the three destinations will be emphasized.   Creative group and individual experiential methods will then be presented and modeled, addressing all three introspective destinations, designed to assist in facilitating introspection, reprocessing and resourcing within the therapeutic process.   The course will present creative and alternative experiential techniques with emphasis on skill development.  Experiential work can contribute to the advanced facilitator's skills and "bag of tricks" in the group room and with individual therapy.  The power of metaphor will be weaved into the presentation while emphasizing practical skills.  The techniques presented will include work with co-occurring disorders, addictions and attachments, trauma and core issues.  An emphasis will be placed on modeling techniques over participants working their own issues with the hope of enhanced ability to utilize offerings in your practice. The value of use of experiential metaphors is that when a person "experiences" something through action and movement, they are more likely to internalize, retain, and "get it." Experiential and metaphor therapy methods use the power of meaningful activities that are action-oriented and inter-active. When engaging the body and mind at once, doors can be opened and perspective achieved that otherwise may not arise for our clients. Continuing Education This program is co-sponsored, in part, by Onsite Workshops and The Institute for Continuing Education.   The program offers 6.00 contact hours, with full attendance required. There is no additional fee to receive CE credit.
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