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12:00 PM - 11:59 PM
Lunch and Presentation Real Estate Investing Landscape for RIAs Opportunities in New Structures Explored and Explained Guest Speaker: David Rupert, President Griffin Capital Company About the presentation: Provide an analytical framework for RIAs to determine the "smartest way" to add Real Estate to their clients' investment portfolios. What options are available? Direct ownership, Partnership, Private REIT, Publicly-traded REIT, Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs), Opportunity Zone What are the costs? Organizational costs, fund management fees, regulatory fees, acquisition/disposition fees, property management fees, capital improvement fees Interplay of taxes? In private funds the Depreciation expense shields taxable income vs. REIT distributions are treated as ordinary income, 1031 exchange, OP Zone Financing? Who makes the call. Limitations. Performance reporting? Daily Mark-to-Market vs. Annual Fair Value Liquidity? Daily for publics, distributions only for privates, holding period for 1031 and OPZ? Reserved table sponsor 8 - $1000.00 CFA St. Louis Members - $0.00 Guests - $50.00 Candidates and Students - $30.00
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