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STL Emerge!!! Coming into being thru EvolutionLet's unite under the Arch and form a GIGANTIC heart and send our love out to raise the vibrational health of our beautiful city and the world beyond!!! Calling compassionate leaders and lovers of St. Louis to EMERGE and to come together for a historic event!!! Now is time to come out and take a stand for LOVE!!! It is time to rise in community and activate the healing power of Love right here in St. Louis Missouri! Together our love can make a difference and bring healing to so many right here!!! Come on out and SHOW UP FOR LOVE!!!So here is my really BIG vision!!!To have at least 2 representatives from each zip code in the St. Louis area with at least 2000 people connecting at the heart and holding the vision for a healthy, strong, thriving, compassionate St. Louis. The main event will begin at 3pm with a message to inspire vision and to acknowledge the power of the moment which will lead us to 3:33 when as a united field of love and compassion we activate the intention of sending out the purest form and frequency of unconditional love possible within us. Closing with our hearts united in song and celebration! Register Please... Because of certain logistics, we ask everyone to register even though this event is free and open to all LOVERS!!! As stated earlier I have a vision for the creation of a giant heart with all of the participants and knowing approximately how many are attending will be helpful. We will have ariel photography as well as on the ground photography and video. Please enter your zip code! When we intentionally raise the vibration of our city through the power of intention, it has been documented that violent crime decreases.Check out for the scientific findings that support the intention of STL Emerge. You will be amazed at the findings... Also, check out scientist Lynne McTaggart, author of "The Intention Experiment" for information on her scientific studies that have been
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