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8:00 PM - 8:00 PM
A detailed psychological exploration as to why we,the general public, are obsessed with serial killers. Is it an unconscious self-protective measure or morbid curiosity? Why do we desire to get inside the minds of dangerous people? Defining what IS a serial killer, and what MAKES them a serial killer, what motivates them? Lust? Power? Financial Gain? Anger? A detailed dive and discussion into the different types of serial killers, Hedonistic Jeffrey Dahmer, Power/Control Ted Bundy Mission Orientated Joseph Franklin Dexter and Visionary Killers David Berkowitz. Exploration of the actual neurological brain activity and psychology behind those who desire to kill multiple times. Who are the people that fall in love with serial killers and why? The big question How do we defend ourselves against a serial killer? The entire evening has a slick video and photo package using stock and archival material from news sources and law enforcement.
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