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Jazzy and fresh – Brian Enos’ Alice in Wonderland incorporates a variety of modern and classical dance styles, all set in front of projections by talented former Pixar/DreamWorks artist Luis Grane. Timeless and family friendly, this production is a visual spectacle with great dancing and theatrics.\ \ Brian Enos is the artistic director of Saint Louis’ Big Muddy Dance Company. While he draws on classical ballet technique, the dance styles in this upbeat production include tango (by the Mad Hatter and the March Hare), a slinky jazz style (from the Cheshire Cat) and some wild spin moves (White Rabbit). The score was arranged by Brendan Vincent and gives the production a modern vibe.\ \ Saint Louis Ballet dancers, who hail from throughout the United States and beyond, perform under the direction of former New York City Ballet principal dancer Gen Horiuchi. They look forward to bringing a wide range of characters to life in this magical production that appeals to young and old.\ \ Best appreciated by ages 6 and up\ \\
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