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11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
This exhibition presents a selection of photogravures from Camera Work, a quarterly journal illustrating fine photogravure reproductions. Highlighted are portraits, landscape studies, and illustrations contained in editions of Camera Work issued from 1905-1913. The images presented in the exhibition are either on loan from David Capes Photography LLC, on loan from Mark Katzman Photography, or from the IPHF Collections. At the close of the nineteenth century, artists using the photographic medium in America and Europe were seeking to create images that evoked both thought and heightened feeling within the viewer. The printing method by which the photograph was conveyed was of primary importance in this endeavor. The photogravure – a method by which an original image is transferred to a metal plate for printing – was also becoming widely used at this time, especially when limited edition rendering in toned inks or pigments was desired
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