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Jack started the journey into nature when he attended an Outward Bound month-long wilderness program at 16. Not only did he learn to deal with the internal struggles of youth, but he also learned to respect and appreciate the power and beauty of nature. For nearly 40 years now, Jack’s passion for photography has been focused on his love for the landscape and our natural environment. Searching for the “Lure of Light” has taken Jack to many remote and unique places as well as enhanced his ability to develop “the art of seeing” through both Grande landscape and detailed still life. Jack passed away in September of 2020. His legacy and photography are carried on by his friends and family members. IPHF is proud to honor the life and legacy of Jack Curran with the exhibition Jack Curran: the Lure of Light. Prints from this collection will be available for purchase with proceeds benefiting IPHF and the Curran Estate.
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