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Join the American Red Cross for 20 minutes via Teams online or by phone from the comfort and safety of your home for a Volunteer Fair.\ This is a great opportunity to learn: \ How families continue to depend on the Red Cross volunteers every day for emergency support, including disaster response, support for our military and veterans, supplying life-saving blood to people in need\ How you can be part of the largest humanitarian agency in the world\ How you can help people…even from the comfort and safety of your own home\ The answers to questions you may have\ Register to attend:\ You will then receive an email with the online link and/or call-in information to join.\ The work of the Red Cross has never been more important and the demand for services has never been higher.\ \ Volunteers carry out 90% of the humanitarian work of the Red Cross and it is through the efforts of ordinary ‘everyday heroes’ that we can do extraordinary things.\ Join us to find out how little time it takes to have a huge impact on your local community.\ Any questions or to schedule a custom presentation to your group, please contact: \ Kristin Pendleton \ \ Call or Text: 314-281-7968\
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