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6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
The Luminary is pleased to present its fall exhibition, in ℅: practice (in care of practice), curated by Andrea Yarbrough. This exhibition evolved from in c/o: black women, a recent project undertaken by Yarbrough (alongside Chandra Christmas-Rouse and Ebere Agwuncha) which sought to activate vacant lots in Chicago as radical sites of collective care. in ℅: practice will extend this effort into the art gallery, a space often \"vacant\" of care and accountability. Through contributions from Yarbrough and the exhibiting artists—Adero Knott, Nia-Amina Minor, Racha Tahani Lawler Queen, and Blair Ebony Smith—the exhibition will ask how a Black feminist approach to making objects, claiming space, and accessing history might impel cultural institutions to become more supporting, thoughtful, and responsive—in a word, more caring. What do our current institutions presently care about? Who or what instead would we like to see them care for? How could our current institutions be compelled to care? Considering their power structures, can they?
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