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9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
MWCP& MEdia is all about Faith-Based publishing with a Fun Twist! We are determined to change your mind about our unique brand of books!\ \ Join Midwest Creations Publishing & MEdia founder and owner Chantay M. Hadley (author alias\' C. Marie Evans, C.M. James and Chantay M. James), and MWCP Affiliate Authors Adair Rowan and M. Renae as they talk publishing, writing, editing, interviewing and SELLING within the unique Hybrid publishing niche!\ Also featuring the first ever GOD IN MEDIA Christian Influencer panel as well as bloggers, Blerds and Gamer Couple, THE LOVE BLERDS!\ While MWCP is faith-based and very interested in taking on new clients next year within that genre! This conference is an AWESOME opportunity for budding writers, new self publishers, those seeking traditional publishing and everything in between! Also, its neat for Faith-Based Book lovers too!\ After the master classes end, a virtual meet & greet and signings for all MWCP\'s authors will be available as well as pitch sessions for your project for review (by appointment only, please email to to schedule.\ Last, there will be lots of opportunities to win free swag, books and have lots of fun... MWCP is Faith-Based publishing with a Fun, AMAZING Twist and we are determined to change your mind about our genre of fiction. Come on out!!!\ Check out the itinerary HERE!
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