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"Celebration", by Dan O’Neill, takes readers through a sensational decade in Cardinals baseball history—back to when their brand of baseball was electrifying. No decade is more responsible for igniting the passion and pride than the 1980s. Inheriting a lineup ill-suited to its ballpark, a clubhouse tainted with substance abuse, a franchise in stagnation, Whitey Herzog re-invented the brand. With stunning moves and remarkable vision, he infused the Redbirds with pitching, speed and defense and introduced a decade of thrills and chills. Players like Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee, Bruce Sutter, Jack Clark, and Joaquin Andujar took St. Louis to three World Series and took Busch Stadium attendance to heights it had never known. Detailed in spectacular pictures and memorable tales, Celebration takes you there, as well—back to the decade of “Whiteyball,” back to stolen bases, “Secret Weapons” and “Go Crazy!” magic.
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