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Bradley has spent half a century immortalizing and updating treasures of St. Louis landmarks in the vibrant pigments of watercolor. This collection of local scenes, beautifully captured in paint, documents the pleasures of the good life in St. Louis: the applause of a good play, the sounds of music, the satisfaction of a gourmet meal, the cheers of a crowd at a sporting event, and the beauty of St. Louis’ unique architecture. This program is free with a limited number of seats. Reservations must be made in advance through Eventbrite, by calling the museum at 314-421-4689, or by emailing About the Author: Marilynne Bradley's curiosity about the world around her is reflected in her paintings. The scenes of St. Louis are particularly special to her. The architectural structures compete with crowds of outdoor activity as she records the energetic feelings of life in the streets and in the cafés. Each scene comes to life in a burst of excitement and drama as the many moods are created by the relationship between glowing light and dark patterns. Her watercolors explore the subject from a different viewpoint, allowing a personal statement of each work of art. The use of her skill as a draftsman enables Bradley to use architectural design elements as she seeks to translate the charm and character of the city into her paintings. Bradley has been acknowledged in "Who's Who in American Women Artists," "World's Who's Who of Women," and "Who's Who in the World." She is a signature artist member in the Southern Watercolor Society, Georgia WC Society, Kansas WC Society, Kentucky WC Society, and a distinguished member of the St. Louis Artists' Guild. Her work is recognized in museum exhibitions, accepted in major national juried competitions, and included in many major corporate collections in United States, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Korea, Australia, Tahiti, and China. She has had over 150 one-person exhibits and received over 50 awar
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