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Left Bank Books welcomes Cuban American writer, translator and activist Achy Obejas, who will discuss her new bilingual poetry collection Boomerang / Bumerán: Poetry / Poesía, on our Facebook Live Page at 7pm CT on September 22nd. Obejas will be in conversation with National Book Award nominated author and poet Cristina García. Join us on our Facebook Live Page and order a copy of Boomerang / Bumerán: Poetry / Poesía from Left Bank Books to support authors and independent bookstores!\ \ \ About Boomerang / Bumerán: Poetry / Poesía\ \ A bilingual poetry collection from a Cuban-American writer-activist that explores themes of identity, sexuality, and belonging\ \ A unique and inspiriting bilingual collection of lyrical poetry written in a bold, mostly gender-free English and Spanish that address immigration, displacement, love and activism.\ \ The book is divided into 3 sections: First, poems addressing immigration and displacement; secondly, those addressing love, lost and found, and finally, verses focusing on action, on ways of addressing injustice and repairing the world. The volume will be both inspiration and support for readers living with marginalized identities and those who love and stand with them.\ \ \"Achy Obejas\'s Boomerang comes hurtling at you, maddening, sharp-edged, in wild, aerodynamic swerve across a \'jeweled sea, flickering with caution, \' flung past limits of language, tragedy, history, to circle back through Ana Mendieta, José Martí, a synagogue in Pittsburgh . . . . There are far more than two sides to the dualities this work takes aim at with shattering skill.\" --Esther Allen\ \ \"The much-needed hope that comes with love defines these poems, shapes their lush epiphanies, their celebration of beloveds of all sorts, not just humans but also political convictions and the wide ranging geographies of various cities. These are the poems that we need so much right now as they remind us about the transformative promise that manifests when we b
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